Sunday, 30 October 2011

Rocky the Otterhound. Just my depth!

On a recent walk Rocky got himself the first Mud Wellies of the season!  The river was very low and walking along the margins had produced enough wet mud for this mud magnet to sport these fashionable accessories!

Luckily, because the river was so low, our hounds were persuaded to go for a paddle!  You see, despite the webbed feet and double waterproof coat .... Our two hounds generally hate water!!  Paddling is the most we have ever managed to persuade them to do!  Go figure!!?

There must have been some summer warmth left in the water as even Rosie went in the deep (?) bits!!
Fortunately they had settled down to enjoying exploring this area, one they don't normally get to play in.

Extendable leads are great, aren't they?!  Ours are long enough to allow them to explore as far as they want, without giving them the opportunity to catch a scent and disappear off into the wilds!  Having had dogs previously that weren't hounds it took us a while to get used to mainly walking them on the lead.  But if we are honest, on the extendables they get as far away as our other dogs used to without leads!  So we are all happy!

Being Otterhounds, exploring involved a good deal of standing still and just taking things in.  Usually they do this sitting down but there's water under them there bottoms so they won't be doing that here!

Exploration and gentle enjoyment continued for quite some time.

No, they haven't seen something to watch, like a swan or duck.  They are just doing the Otterhound thing .... Taking it all in!  I've never met dogs that seem to want to take in so much of life before.  Other dogs we have had seem to spend all their time living it, but Otterhounds really give the impression of appreciating it!  Maybe that is why they are sometimes called The Wise Hound!?

Anyway, back to exploring and seeing just what's in this wet stuff.

Considering they don't really like water, they spent a good long time in it!

Eventually though. Rocky thought it was time to head for the bank and dry off a bit.

... And where Rocky goes. Rosie follows!

Being Rocky, and having had a great time, he had to take the opportunity to tell us all about his great time in the wet stuff!  Happy barking is such fun to watch and listen to!

Rosie had a good deal to tell us about as well.  Otterhounds like to share the joy!!

How could we doubt that they had had a good time?  Just look at this happy grin!!!!

Rosie though, seemed a bit more thoughtful, I think she would have preferred longer legs so that her tummy didn't get so wet!

Back home our two damp hero's wallowed in the warmth of the house ..... Maybe the water wasn't that warm then?!

New tactic!.... Try and warm up your Otterhound and get to see his eyes too!!  No they weren't shivering it was just that Dan thought he'd look cool .... Really!

The end result though was that for a little while we could actually see Rocky's eyes!  Who'd have thought that such a handsome beast lurked below that fringe??

That evening Rocky decide he just had to have ALL the cushions in the house!  Rosie was cornered and soon had to find somewhere to stretch out!

Mij, finding no free space on the sofa's decided to find herself a nice "roomy" (?) box to relax in!  "Zeez dogz is taking up all zee space ....Againz!!!!!

Anyway, as for our Otterhounds it only remains to say .... Night night Rosie ....

.... And night night Rocky.  Sleep well and dream of walking in the wet stuff and all the memories you have built up from today!  Isn't life great?!!!!

Friday, 30 September 2011

Rocky the Otterhound: I'M BACK!! - and its Fun Day!!

Rocky is now 4 and Rosie is 3 years old, Rocky has had a break from blogging, but now intends to blog every now and then just to keep you updated. And he has chosen to start with this years Otterhound Fun Day.  Yes, he and Rosie attended this year and had a wonderfull time while they were there!

Before getting to the Fun Day Rocky and Rosie had a smashing walk along a nearby canal, it was the day before the event and they were warm, happy and full of fun.

They strolled around all day and had a great big sleep that night .... building up energy for the fun to come!

We arrived that night and set up home on the village green, lovely! Rocky and Rosie had a big front garden to play in!

On entering the fun day our two hero's went off together for an explore ...

Which quickly turned into an excited playtime!

"Oh look" says Rosie, "lots'n'lots of Otterhounds"! "Let's go and say hello"!

So that's what they did!

"Come on, there's more"!! "Yippee"!!

Rocky headed off towards a group of hounds he wanted to greet.

Then walked right through the middle of them and out the other side ....? His nose must be busy, perhaps someone has food!

"Who or what was that"??

Rosie, meanwhile had headed back to Mum for a hug!

But they were soon off together again, saying hello to all the wonderful hounds.

Some of whom just wanted to enjoy the day and the feel of grass on their face!!

Soon the fun started, Rocky talked his Dad into entering the sack race!

Oh dear! Rocky just realised that he had to join in as well!!! A bit of a shock for such a lazy hound!

He soon got into the swing of it however .....

... And soon they were in front .....

... Then, somehow, they were well in front! ....

... Just as Rosie went up to congratulate them, they realised they had to race back again! .... And ...
Oh dear ....

... They were down ...

Bravely they got up again .... Still in with a chance ... Rocky was getting to like this!

BUT ... Oh Oh!

Down for a second time!!

... Oh well, win or loose they still had fun ... And Rocky discovered he still liked running !!

Next race, I thought it would be nice to let Rosie join in the fun, so she and I lined up!

The moment it was time to go Rosie had second thoughts!

Suddenly finding I was running on my own I let the lead out and decided to have fun anyway!!

Unfortunately, having reached the end of her lead, Rosie was still stopped while I was travelling at a pace in the opposite direction ... Result was ... I flew a little way ... Suddenly and in the wrong direction!  What fun!!

Having had a good laugh, Rosie then decided to run at last .. but as far away from me as possible ... I never realised I was so embarrasing to be seen with!

Anyway, having finished the race, anything but first, we made a pact not to bother again. It obviously wasn't her thing!!

The day progressed with more fun and games ...

Rocky and Dad were keen to try again, so it was the egg and spoon race for them!

Lots of fun for two and four legged friends alike!

Rocky always seemed quite sad when the running ended; very bizzare for such a couch potatoe!!

Dad decided to sit out the next race and just watch the fun and talk to owners!

However, our couch potatoe had other ideas and thought he'd be a late entry for this race!!

Being a little behind the finishers did not seem to deter him, and in true Otterhound style ... Did his own thing!

The day wore on and hounds and humans relaxed and enjoyed being together.

Puppies played ...

... And played ...

...Until at least one of them wanted to do something else! ...

... Others stood around looking at what was going on and just being wonderful hounds ...

... Ah, more puppy play!

"Tut!  kids .... Where do they get their energy from"?

There were the inevitable Otterhound "bookends".

There were the "sit and watchers" ... Something Otterhounds love to do!!

Then as it was refreshment break ...  Food!! Suddenly, there were many, many ... "Look I'm here, aren't I wonderful" Otterhounds! ...

... Everywhere you looked!  What a wonderful sight!!

Rocky and Rosie (looking like secret agent Otterhounds in their radio collars) enjoyed sitting and watching all that was going on ... A very Otterhound thing to do!  

This is Fergus, the singing Otterhound.  Unlike Rocky and Rosie, who love singing but need a tune to get them going, Fergus will sing on demand ... And what a beautiful voice he has too!!  Apologies, lots!  Thanks to Sorrel for pointing out my mistake .... It is, of course, Eros with the lovely voice ... Not Fergus!

So Fergus serenaded us ... There will be a short video of Fergus' song on YouTube soon ( when I get around to putting it there), well worth a view.  (This is, of course, Eros not Fergus ... So sorry!).

Back in their temporary home our two beautiful hounds also wanted to celebrate the brilliant day they had had.  So Rosie sang out her joy ...

... And Rocky sang his happiness too.  Two happy, exhausted Otterhounds!

On our return home, Mij (our cat that thinks it's an Otterhound ... In a box?!), was very pleased to see her two hero's come home!

Meanwhile, our  two "hero's" were very pleased to be home ... Yes, they had missed their sofa dreadfully!!!

But a wonderful day like this one leads to a very contented Otterhound ...

... Or two.  So, night night Rocky and Rosie ... Dream of all your friends and all the fun it's possible to have in one wonderful day!!!

* Apologies for the quality of some of the photographs, many have been taken from a video.